5 design trends I'm loving right now!

August 13, 2019
Ben Hammond

Check out some of the design trends I've been really enjoying throughout 2019.

1. 3D design

Author: Nadine Kolodziey – Project: The Undrawn Drawing Tour
Author: Manon Louart – Project: Mon Papi
Project: Nosense | Author: Roman Bratschi
Project: Proxima B | Author: Jerico Santander
Project: Free time | Author: Santi Zoraidez
Project: Hover | Author: BÜRO UFHO

2. Minimal meets BOLD color

Project: Super Gradient | Author: Song hojong
Project: J.Curl | Author: Erik Musin, Timofei Popandopulo, Aleksey Zadorozhnyi
Project: Sprinkle | Author: Nick Edlin
Project: O’care | Author: Nika Levitskaya

3. Realism + Flat design

Project: Puma sneaker shop. | Author: Anton Mikhaltsov
Project: Adidas – Online Store | Author: Luke Pachytel
Project: Fish UI | Author: Vladimir Biondic

4. Eclectic

Author: Marion Ben-Lisa – Project: FÊTE DE TROP
Author: Cristian Malagón Garcia – Project: Flora |
Author: Slava Kornilov – Project: FRASH Canada

5. Open compositions

Author: Vasjen Katro – Project: Baugasm Season #3
Author: Temi Coker – Project  A Poster A Day

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