Branding, Graphic Design

Since 2017, BelongCon has inspired people to pursue their dreams, to publicly confess secrets they never thought they would, and has created new friendships, relationships, and business partners.

Unlike most “conferences” which are prepared, edited, and rehearsed, BelongCon provides a totally safe space for people to be raw, unscripted, and vulnerable.

BelongCon came with the desire to rebrand their entire image. They wanted something that would accurately represent where they are now, and be fully inclusive to everyone. This was a real chance to take the BelongCon brand and really evolve it.

We focussed on using a softer colour palette, toning down some of the previous colours. As this is an all inclusive social movement, we wanted to create a brand that would appeal to all people. Using illustration added an element of fun to the branding, to reiterate that this is a safe space to open up.

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