The Social Society

The Social Society is the social club for social good, based in Brighton. With a community of 1800 members across the south, they make it easy for people to give their time to chosen charities through volunteering themselves or services they might offer. Using a membership model, they also raise money for their partner charities through the member fees. Founder Toni is pushing to change the way we help charitable organisations, so when she needed a new website designed and built for her mission, I was more than happy to oblige.

What I did:

Web Design & Development - Brand Consultancy

When we sat down to discuss the sites design and flow, we came to the conclusion that we needed to simplify her mission and make it easy for users to determine what The Social Society is, and what it does as a business. The site needed to have a subscription modal built in that linked to Chargebee, and clearly distinguish two paths: members and businesses. We also wanted to show off the charities The Social Society currently partners with, and create a clear message for the brand. Adding a CMS for the blog, and integrating the brand's socials was also a requirement.

I approached the design of Toni's site by taking inspiration from her bold brand colours and the way the brand had utilised blocks in previous designs, but wanted to add a softer, friendlier touch. Starting with that idea , I quickly drew up the flow of the site, making sure to always consider the two different targets customer. Once we'd agreed on a design, we prototyped using Webflow and got on with the build.

Using Webflow for the prototype meant I could really up my productivity, and move onto the build efficiently. As a tool, designing a website and building it on Webflow is pretty painless. My preferred tool for building sites, I've managed to help Toni not only save money on her ongoing costs but also save time when she needs to make edits, as she is using a built in editor with zero hassle - as easy as updating a Google Doc.

When the site was completed, we launched to gain feedback. The feedback has been positive, but as with every website we are going to be tinkering until we can up her conversion rate, make it easier for her visitors to navigate and really put her business on the map. March 2020 will see the next update, so keep your eyes peeled.

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